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“Mark Kalinowski has his finger on the pulse of the restaurant business like no other Wall Street analyst… he has broken more news about McDonald’s than the reporters assigned to the beat… Kalinowski rolls up his sleeves, dives in and brings important news to the surface for clients”

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“The Burger King with accurate predictions… The Big Mac of predicting the company’s [McDonald’s] sales.”

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Mark Kalinowski

Kalinowski Equity Research LLC provides its clients with value-added, forward-looking information that helps them make informed decisions about restaurant-stock investing.

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Mark Kalinowski

Updating our Q1 Kalinowski Fast-Casual Same-Store Sales Index

With this report, we update our data-driven Kalinowski Fast-Casual Index for Q1 to +8.1%. This is the one-year figure, lapping the +1.6% figure from Q1 2020, +15.5% number from Q1 2021, and the +7.6% figure from Q1 2022. Comparing to Q1 2019 levels — a four-year (pre-pandemic) basis — the Kalinowski Fast-Casual Index for Q1 2023 is at +36.5%. This +36.5% figure is the second-best of any major restaurant sector, surpassed only by fine dining. Our latest fast-casual numbers are based on our latest proprietary checks/data as regards same-store sales performance for this segment during January, February, and early-to-mid March.

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