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CMG: Kalinowski Equity Research Initiates Coverage of Chipotle Mexican Grill

Amongst the positives and opportunities for Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) are its great-tasting food that is responsibly sourced, (2) its speedy service, (3) Chipotle’s status as the largest concept in the fastest-growing major segment (fast-casual) of the U.S. restaurant industry, (4) the company’s growing use of “Chipotlanes,” units with drive-thrus that feature a Chipotle take on that method of service, (5) Chipotle’s digital capabilities, which are amongst the very best in the restaurant industry (and which also include over 24.5 million loyalty-program users as of the end of Q3), (6) the pace of menu innovation, which is quicker than it usually has been in Chipotle’s history, (7) Chipotle’s status as a highly-desirable tenant for prime real-estate locations, (8) Chipotle’s high (and growing) degree of cultural relevancy, and (9) Chipotle’s “Real Foodprint” sustainability impact tracker, which resonates in particular with younger folks.

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