SBUX Adjusting Estimates Following Business Update

By Mark Kalinowski Published on June 10, 2020 at 12:00 AM

Earlier today, Starbucks (SBUX; Buy, $82.37) provided a business update as part of an 8-K filing. Given the information in that 8-K, we lower our fiscal Q3E (calendar Q2E) EPS estimate by -53 cents to -$0.63, and we reduce our fiscal Q4E (calendar Q3E) EPS forecast by -12 cents to $0.27. These updates lower our full-fiscal 2020E EPS projection by -65 cents, to $0.75. In addition, given this lower anticipated base of earnings coming off of fiscal 2020E, we take down our fiscal 2021E EPS estimate by -50 cents to $2.25.

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