CAKE (Post-Call): Off-Premise Holding In as Guests Re-Enter Dining Rooms

By Ryan D. Lavender Published on April 28, 2021 at 1:03 PM

After Wednesday’s market close, The Cheesecake Factory reported adjusted Q1 EPS of +$0.20. This surpassed our +$0.05 forecast and sell-side consensus (according to Consensus Metrix) of -$0.07. Factors behind the outperformance relative to our forecast include: (1) Cost of Sales/Revenues (21.7% actual vs. 22.7% forecasted), (2) Labor Expenses/Revenues (36.6% actual vs. 37.7% projected, and (3) D&A/Revenues (3.5% actual vs. 3.8% estimated), partially offset by (1) Other Operating Expenses/ Revenues (28.2% actual vs. 27.7% forecasted), and (2) G&A/Revenues (7.1% actual vs. 6.8% forecasted).

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